Saturday, 23 June 2012

Eye-Ai Henshubu/Eye-Ai 2012 July Issue feat. Nana Mizuki

Sooo what's all the fuss about? Which made me post it on here.

First of all a short introduction what kind magazine Eye-Ai is. Their main focus is on Japanese artists and culture. However it differs a lot from the usual Seiyuu magazines I buy. It is lot cheaper (not even 500Yen) and only the cover is colored. AND most important it is in English. Apparantly there is a important artist on every issue front page. It has an in-depth interview with loads photos ... in black and white. ( It doesn't really matter because it is Nana Mizuki who is on the cover. Hurray!

Pretty Nana is pretty!
The segment was 9 pages including photos which -I think- it's a lot. It started with a short introduction who Nana Mizuki is. The interview was in April in Tokyo. A funny quote; ''Her cheerful voice announced her presence, and when she entered the room, she was a smaller and cuter woman than we would have expected'' Poor Nana san got commented on her height.

It started off with TIME SPACE EP (Nana Mizuki's 27th and latest single). The following 3 pages were about how Nana got into songwriting and composing. It was interesting to read as a fan how Nana san gets her inspiration for writing songs. Then it got shifted to Live Union. (A concert tour around Japan for 4 months) Afterwards the editor asked about her work as voice actress/seiyuu. About the answers Nana san gave, I thought there was a small paradox. She likes to do voice acting because she can be different persons and live in the said persons imagination and lives. She loves to sing because on stage she can be herself and acts naturally. Nana san sure is full of suprises (just in case ... playing JunPara while writing).

I thought I was reading a newspaper
Now almost reaching the last pages (yadaa!) - however I found this part the most interesting - the interview continued with Nana san perfoming overseas in Anisama ( in Shanghai 2012. Nana san was asked about the overseas fans. She said there was loads of fan from different countries to her last concert; LIVE CASTLE and would like to visit the different countries too. How exciting ... however how great it sounds, I have to take it with a grain of salt.

So this was pretty much it. Loads of interesting facts, full of pictures of Live Castle and Nana san of course. I am glad I bought it. One last fun fact .... Nana san is studying English now!

PS: Anyone who wants scans, let me know!


  1. That sounds like a very interesting article! ^^ If you don't mind scanning the whole thing, I would deeply appreciate it. m(_ _)m So far haven't had the chance to buy it myself..

    Woo, wonder if she meant our big group of foreigners with her LIVE CASTLE statement. xD Makes me wonder if she actually did get the photo book we made for her..

    I hope Nana's English studying goes well ww

  2. I have it scanned, you might check your twitter! However I only scanned the Nana's segment. I guess you won't be interested about the rest.

    I do hope Nana san has received the photo book. I mean how many Nana fans from the world was gathered in there.

    Yeahh at least it will be easier in case someone wants to yell ''We love Nana'' she would understand.