Monday, 2 January 2017

Dude, where is the dude?

All of you may wonder where I have been all this time. If there are readers in the first place... :P

Anyhow, I have become more active recently in this new blog: Gamification

I am keeping this blog for old time's sake. But if you are interested to follow my new adventures. That's the place to go~

See ya all~

Thursday, 27 December 2012

Nana's magazines/newsletters! (ファンクラブ会報 ななマガ)

First of all sorry for the long delay!  Due to pisspoor time management and pressing matters I haven't been able to update anything even though there was enough material. Still I wouldn't deny laziness is also to blame. Without further ado (I like this idiom, knowing so many people using it) here is my last update for 2012.

To keep this entry simple and straightforward, I made a couple questions which you may ask upon seeing the magazines.

What is it then? 

 By definition it is actually a newsletter about Nana Mizuki lastest news. Combined with fanletters, interviews, Nana's song chart etc. Anything that can be related to her, is included. And on top of it, it has a lot of pictures of photoshoots. You can get pictures you won't see anywhere. Still I am not really sure if I can name it newsletter or magazine. The cover says 'Nana's magazine' So for efficiency I will call it 7mag. I did first have 7 of them. But since I could find more, I bought three more.

Pick-Up Voice VS Nana's Magazine
This or the seiyuu magazines? 

Both have their pluspoints and downsides. 7mags are cheaper and smaller. The paper format is between A4 and A5. The content is full of Nanaliciousim. (Yes this is a word, in my mind) It has exclusive photoshoots and important announcements. However Seiyuu mags like Animedia, Pick-up etc, are more expensive. The price covers high quality of paper, other seiyuus in spotlight and delicious extras like XBOX huge posters. So it all depends on what you want. I would totally recommend the 7mags if you are a Nanatard.

Soo how much did you pay for it?

I was actually surprised by the price. I have paid in the range 300-500 Yen each. It does depend which offer you could find. Manadarake has pretty much a fixed prices for all Nana goods. At proxy shopping you can - if you are lucky- even get 7mags for 200 Yen. Then again it's compromised with loads of costs.

Okay okay I see where you are going. Where to buy it, mister Obvious?

A 7mag is released every four months in a year. It's a part of privilege of being an official fan of the Nana fanclub. Of course receiving this gem isn't the only thing you get as an official fan. However I am not an official fan so I can't elaborate on this. Beside that I heard you will receive a pleasant birthday card on your special day. Back on track, you can buy as aforementioned in online secondhand stores. (Mandarake or proxy shopping) You don't have to worry about out of stock. They are always available. However the earlier issues are more rare to find.

Nana's greeting~

I like you! Now hand over your magazines!

It's not likewise. These treasures have increased emotional value of multiplier of 777 by the time it landed on my hands. Meaning if you want to them from me, you will be paying a hefty pricetag. Happy Christmas to you too. *spraying sarcasm*

Well I think I have talked enough. In case someone needs to know more. You can always leave a comment. If you ask me to scan them, I will consider it. No promises! So I will end the blog with my favourite photoshot from the 7mags I have.

Moshi moshi expression and LEGGSSS <3

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to the people who read my blog!!!