Sunday, 5 August 2012

Sing Forever!

After 2 months of waiting, I have finally received a valuable item which I have yearned for a long time. The last time I saw it in real was in Hong Kong last year. The price was 780 HKD which is roughy the same as 78 euro. I was shellshocked and gave up my hope. Luckily I have found a new way of webshopping namely proxy shopping. There I have found it for a pretty reasonable price. But I leave it the explanation for another time.

Here it is ... Nana Mizuki Artist Scorebook ~Sing Forever~  


Front cover
 -I have never paid attention to any photobooks. Meaning I have no idea how I should review it. So I will write what I see then.  The whole book is divided into 2 main parts; one is a collection photoshoots and another is a collection of music sheets of several songs.-

The printed book is from good quality. The outer cover is made of thick plastic. The great thing of a photobook, all the photos cover the whole page. I haven't checked the specifics on the date. But I assume the photoshoots were made before and after Live Formula (my favourite btw (^-^) y). It is from the year 2007. Noted that Nana was 28 in the photos. Not that you find any different with Nana nowadays

It first starts off with with an ordinary photoshoot. 

So cute ><
zettai ryouki incoming!
Young, cute and sexy lady. This all sums up.
Just my 2 cents, here on the photoshoot Nana really has a look of a genuine cute and young girl. I even dare to say she seems more like a teenager. As a hardcore fan I shall always say Nana is forevahh 17. But I do have look at another point of view too. (I have a feeling many Nanatards sempais will ''shall I slap your shit for this BS!'') However I am not saying Nana is looking ''older'' or anything blasphemy like that. Recently she is beginning to look more like a young cute AND sexy lady. Especially more sex-appeal ... yeah I think that is the word, the appeal is different now. And also more lady~ish in her recent photoshoots.

Okay let's get back on track with Sing Forever. Following are the photos of practice (is this the right term) of the concert. I really like these photoshoot. You can see Nana being hardworking and her casual self. 
Nana in her jogging outfit
I am telling you .. she is cute >-<

 Next are LIVE FORMULA photos.


Obvious rehearsel photo
how high can she jump with those high heels 0_0
Kakoii Nana!
Fluffy tail!!

I hear more photoshoots ... MOAR 


Ah so natural smile <3
Time to count up your sins!*

 *This could be far fetched but watch Kamen Rider W to understand the joke :3

And all it remains are a few pages of  interview and the music sheets. 


I do regret a bit why I stopped the music school in my younger days. Not that I have any musical talent.
It was just for fun. All well ... my only hope is to have a girlfriend who likes to play musical instrument. So I can say things like ''Dear, can you play SUPER GENERATION for seventh time for me? I will treat you a nice dinner with an amazing scenery'' Now I sound a bit evil and selfish @3@

Owari, that was all. Might as well share my favourite photo of the whole artist scorebook.

So mesmerizing~
Final thoughts: I really like it. Honestly! Eventhough I already have it in scanned version. I wanted it for my collection and I am not disappointed. As soon as I first opened it, a warm smile of Nana appeared. Nothing can beat that. For any Nanatards out there doubting to buy it... Balls to the wall I say.

As a fitting closure for this blog entry, here is my treasured Nana literature (Nanastar, Nana's autobiography and Sing forever)
Nana-san <3

Small teaser for my next blog post

Yes there are 7 


PS: Since I am not writing this as an usual review, therefore no 3 main questions (thoughts, recommended and price) were added. Btw I would still be baised and say everyone needs to buy it. lol
I won't scan this treasure of mine. ... Because you can find it scanned on the internet. ggrks konoyaro

Btw I am very bad at positioning pictures in my blog. m(._.)m


  1. Wooo, everyone should indeed buy this photobook~! \o/ I used to have one of the pics where she has a glass of milk as my phone background a couple of years ago. :3

    And I agree. Nana looks more refined, elegant and graceful (aka sexy) these days compared to before. (*-*)

    I always wonder how she can do those high jumps with those high heels she wears too.. crazy lady~!

    Hmmm so.... if I play Risouron for you, will you treat me to an amazing dinner? ww
    Though I think I am still far from performing it to anyone... x'D

    Looking forward to the next post! ^^

    1. Lately I am getting more nosebloods from the recent magazines. It is too dangerous to order them. But somehow I cant refuse if it has Nana on the cover orz.

      Yeah about the high heels, it must be incruciating pain to jump AND to dance. I cant speak for it. But do you have any experience with those high heels? I dont think I saw anymore in the recent Lives.

      I will treat anyone who can play a whole song of Nana www. Dont be shy, Okami! I am all ears. I will be looking forward to it if I get a chance ww.

      Thanks for reading and commenting! :3

    2. *pat pat* perfectly understandable. I've somehow managed to fight the temptation, probably because I know I really need to save every penny I can. >.<

      You mean like personal experience or experience of Nana's high heels? :D I haven't really worn high-heels on normal occasion (and never as big as Nana's), just for dancing and then in a play.. not the easiest things to cope with, especially if you are wearing a mask and can't really see much.... ooooorrr your running a high fever. My crazy life. xD And as for Nana's high-heels.. I will never forget that moment in the Live Journey concert I went to where she fell off the stage. >.< It seriously amazes me how she could land on her feet and be fine in those crazy heels. She really is a Goddess.

      Well.. my Risouron is still a ways off from being a whole Nana song ww xD It's taking a while to take shape since I need to write the notes by ear and that's pretty hard. Mind you, I have made very good progress with it. We'll see how it is doing when a chance for you to hear it presents itself. :P

      My pleasure! ^^