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My recent new Nana fan sempai gave me the idea to do this post (My Somewhere) I waited till I received her lastest live concerts Blu-Ray. It is easier and much more inspirational to write while watching the concert. Some may know I am a fan of Jpop. Now I can openly announced I am a full fledged Nanatard. (Nana fan + retard, I think) In this post you can read how much I adore and admire her.
Nana = 7
 However let me first start with; who is Nana Mizuki? She is a popular Japanese seiyuu (anime voice actor) and songstress. However this much talented girl is far from the generic S/S combination. Through hard work and consistency, she has achieved many awesome records. Like for instance her last concert was in Tokyo Dome (biggest concerthall in Japan), she was the first seiyuu songtress to appear on stage. And her seiyuu list is miles long. She still get roles in today recent anime.

Before this post is getting out of hand and become ''Who is Nana Mizuki?'' segment. Here is the wikipedia link: 

Well then shall we?

1. When did you become a fan of Mizuki Nana and how?
- About when Impact Exciter was released. As the name suggested, it surerly gave me an impact that got me exicted. At first I only knew she was a seiyuu. Never really paid attention to her concerts or singings. However I did had some of her famous anisongs. Back to Impact Exciter, it was probably the very first album I bought I haven't  skipped any tracks. Every song sounds very unique and different. And the whole DVD acadamy lessons contain high level of cuteness. That was the floodgate. My interest for Nana boomed in just a matter of days. The more I knew about her, the more I got interested. Not even one Youtube video escaped my eyes. A month later she became my favorite singer of all time. Before I knew it, I became a Nanatard. Best course of action ever, haven't regretted for a moment.

2. First song you heard
- Innocent Starter,  from Nanoha. It was very nice hear and meaningful song. Till today I like it very much. 

3. First PV you saw 
- Discotheque. I didnt know that PV of jpop isn't that very common. At least that is what I think. Amercian music videos come and goes around. However each Nana's PV is great to watch. The first one for me was Discotheque. I couldnt get enough of it, especially the wink at the last scene. It is cute and very catchy PV.  It makes you want to dance.

4. Favorite anime role
- Pretty much related to the second question; Feito chaannn!! Sorry I mean Fate Testarossa from Magical Girl Lyrica Nanoha. She had a very soft and modest voice. In the end the character got more heart warming you could really hear it from her voice.

5. Favorite album track from supersonic girl
- Very tough one between; Looking on the moon and Look Away - together version -(Just going on fast track here otherwise it will be too long)

6. Favorite album track from MAGIC ATTRACTION
- freestyle

7. Favorite album track from DREAM SKIPPER
- Again very tough between; Koishiteru... (恋してる...) and Takaramono

8. Favorite album track from ALIVE&KICKING
- Tear's Night

9. Favorite album track from HYBRID UNIVERSE
- Might aswell change the title to favorite album trackS. I just keep it to one.; BRAVE PHOENIX

10. Favorite album track from GREAT ACTIVITY
- Heart-Shaped Chant 

11. Favorite album track from ULTIMATE DIAMOND
- Dancing in the velvet moon (actually all of them)

12. Favorite album track from IMPACT EXCITER
- Albireo (again all of them, but albireo just stands out more. DAT strong voice)

13. Your favorite single
- Of all time I would say You have a dream. However it is changed to POP MASTER now. Singing genki songs is really one of Nana forte. Beside that the song actually gets me into high spirits in times when I am feeling down. I have to jump up and yell ''Yes I am okay''. The lyrics are great too. It is even better when I found out that POP MASTER was written by none other then Nana herself. It is almost like Nana understood your personal hard life and daily pressure. As she sings, she tries to transfer the courage and energy to you.

 14. Favorite PV
- Etsuraku Camellia, the PV comes off very strong and sexy. I like it very much. A very unique PV for a very unique song. DAT shoulder scene!!

15. Best b-side of a single
- STAY GOLD. Most of the b-side singles are on par with their a-side counterparts. All of them are great. Haven't got any I don't like to listen. STAY GOLD is very special. I didn't expect the style of rythm and melody. Nana's voice blends very nicely in. It is fast paced yet it comes off well arranged.

16. Your favorite live performance
From Live Formula, Heat shaped chant. This performance describes the best what I like about Nana Mizuki. She had a classy and fluffy tail blue long dress. Mika is there for the harp guiding song. It shows how strong and passionate Nana is performing with her voice. Although Nana is quite small in figure, she has a voice of awesome heights. The dress is fluffling (quite using this word a lot :p) around, was a very cute sight. It fitted perfectly with Nana posture.   

17. Favorite concert DVD
After watching Live Castle Queen, I have a hard time thinking which one is better; Live Formula (my all time favorite) or Live Castle Queen or Live Grace? Live Formula (LF) and Live Castle Queen (LCq) are really close for my top favorite. LF suprised me a lot; such as tsundere moe Nana, harmonica playing and DAT heart shaped chant performance. LCq has my eyes fixated on the screen from the start till the end. It has great visual (blame the Blu-Ray advantage) with 40.000 penlights waving around. Nana's performance was just marvelous. I felt that she was more static on the stage before in her early concerts. But since Live Grace, she has put more and more body language and expressions making the concert more passionate to watch. As I said in one of my tweets;
Watching Live Castle (King or Queen) feels very special to me, It is like I can join in the joy of a new milestone in Nana legend! Eventhough I wasn't there in person.

 Live Grace was beautiful, but it didnt have a special attachement to it. It has all the right ingredients. Nonetheless it is right on the second place.

 18. The song you relate the most to
- Last scene. The lyrics are very touching. It makes me want to cry everytime whenever Nana sings it live. Sometimes love isn't that always pretty and rose-coloured.
Never did paid attention to lyrics, even if the lyrics were English or Dutch. However whenever I listen to my favorite Nana tracks, I want to know the lyrics. Just about every song she wrote, is very meaningful. Quite contradicting, because last scene lyrcis were written by someone else. But you get the idea. 

19. Your favorite lyric
- From undercover, the part where she sing these lyrics. It comes off very powerful. Nana sings it with great intonation (especially in Live Grace). It makes you feel how it is to be in undercover of yourself.

Tackle those distracted thoughts
Wanting to destroy everything
Unable to ever return to normal
Foolishly, I want to try to lose everything

20. A song that you wish had a music video
 - Hitotsu Dake Chikaeru Nara. I want a tear jerking MV for this one (hope I dont sound like a sadist here). The song is so sad and the lyrics are touching too. In the song context It gives the courage of both partners to go on with their life.

21. One song that you’ll never get tired of
- undercover. DAT violin! I want to listen more to understand why I like it. It never works out. I always end up enjoying to listen to it.

22. Favorite animelo collaboration
- Gimmick game, Nana Mizuki and motsu of MOVE. As a MOVE fan, this was a collaboration to be dreamed of. It gives the upbeat feel like Eurobeat. With motsu backing up Nana, I couldn't even sit still for a second. Awesome it was!

23. Favorite TV appearance
- MUSIG, this was pretty much a must watch for all Nana fans out there. It got;
  • Shokotan saying that Nana is moe~
  • Nana making pancake dessert in an apron
  • Nana had short pants you could see her delicious thighs 
  • Nana doing weird poses thanks to Shokotan
24. Share a moment when you were extra proud of being her fan
- As a regular visitor to a certain anonymous message board, there happens to have a seiyuu thread in some time. Mostly the anonymous talk about their favorite seiyuu and their attributes. However in 80% of the time, it always end in a Nana appreciation thread. I suspect a Nanatard is lurking in the thread and post random pictures. Surprisingly many of them are quite knowledgeable about her.
Their point of view are; ''Nana is one of only decent seiyuu who can do voicecasting AND singing.'' and ''She is in a whole different league.'' Nana pictures being post here and there and the only things you could read, are just praises. As a Nanatard I could only giggle like a little girl. I realize there are many people out there who appreciate Nana's hard work.

regular posted picture

25. Tell us what you believe is her charm point
- her personality, Nana has (in my mind) a perfect image of an idol. She is hard working and consistent in her professional singing and voicing career. Yet behind the scenes, she is just a very girly lady who likes cute things, just like any other girls out there. She doens't show arrogance of her sold records or achievements. She remains humble and reserved with people of greater status.
She also likes anime and loves to play video games. As a fan how much more can I ask for?

A perfect example what I meant with consistency. A video with 9 different concerts of the same song, she didnt missed a single note or beat. 

The main difference between her and the American female popstars (which I grew up with) is that she didn't fall for the slump of improving her image by singing suggestive/mature songs or even acting slutty in the MVs. Nana let her voice do the work to reach her fans heart. We all like Nana who she is.

To be honest I hated concerts because some people think they could fool their fans by playbacking (Yes, I am looking at you, miss Spears) And live performance is very different from CD. I remember I was horrified hearing a singer in live while I liked the CD version. (Yes you Kate Perry) I loathe the live versions even more, didnt even consider buying a DVD of it. However it has changed drastically. Nana's concerts are full with energy and joy. I can say I am a proud owner of many Nana Live concerts DVDs/Blu-Rays. 

Important remark: I am not biased. This is the conclusion I get from watching countless of the making of Live concerts and exclusive videos about her working life (seven pieces), reading summary of her book etc.

26. Have you been to any of her concerts?
- No, I have regret A LOT I haven't being persistent going to Live Castle. There was a great blog post on Danie'shopping log (another Nanatard sempai) about it. The blogger explained how to go and where to stay. Till today I regret it. So next time (which I pray very hard) if there is another opportunituy, I will do my best to go to Japan for her concert.

27. Do you own any goods? (picture not necessary) 
- In my sempai's eyes perhaps not massively much. Got the recent singles and live concerts BDs and most important also her autobiography (only in Japanse though).  lately I have been very obsessed with the Seiyuu magazines (as long as Nana is on the cover). I will get it. As a foreign Nanatard it is quite difficult to become member the fanclub orz. I have to go with this way.

Just finished watching Live Castle Queen! It was superb! 

NANA DAISUKI <3 Nana is Love!


  1. Glad you decided to do this, was a good read! ^^

    Have you watched -King's Night- yet? Man, both of the LIVE CASTLE nights are so emotional to watch, Nana is so amazing and so grateful for being able to perform at Tokyo Dome. Really warms my heart.

    Also, I so agree with what you said in the "charm point" question (well I do agree with every part really... but.. yeah... xD)! Nana is indeed such an amazing person, I really appreciate how hard she works and how she keeps everything real. Best role-model ever. <3 She has inspired me to work hard to achieve my dreams. ^^

    Hopefully you will be able to attend a Nana concert soon enough! Look forward to seeing you there. :)

    1. Thanks for the idea. I am going to try to get more Nana fans bloggers to do the same.

      Cheers, Okami san! \(^∀^)メ(^∀^)ノ