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補佐 キタ━━━(゜∀゜)━━━!!!!!

My assistent for the upcoming reviews (#3#)/

This ''Makise Kurise'' or better heard Kuristinnaaa belongs to the figure line FIGMA.
It is produced by Max Factory and distributed by Good Smile Company. The greatest appeal of the figure - in my honest opinion - is the great posability, good sculpting, good amount of accessories. Each comes with a sets of hands and interchangeable faces. The figure itself is the same for all the FIGMA only the exterior design of the model character. Because of this concept, FIGMA figures are easily mass produced and also easy to catch up with the more recent anime series. The price is also very reasonable, however it also depends on the figure popularity. For more insight info about FIGMA, you can go on here

More about the character itself, she is the heroine in the anime serie STEIN'S GATE.
For anime I would definitely recommend to watch. It has a superb voice cast who has done great job. It has likeable characters and interesting storyline. I won't spoil much but it is one of favorite in the recent years.

A short video how Makise Kurisu is in the anime

Makise and accessories (No box survived orz)

 With mister Jesta from the previous review
 With mister Jesta from the previous review
 Thoughts: For the figure itself, the sculpting looks good. It really expresses her arrogance like her anime counterpart. The posability is decent, it is not perfect like a human ''all poses possible''. It can't even do poses on 1 foot. That is why it has a stand with it. The good points are the anime accurate sculpting, good face expressions and decent accessories. Even given with a crossed arms set, I found it a bit unnececesary . The plastic quality is very good. No loose parts, every part fits good and sturdy.

I really like this figure. So much she is now an assistant for the upcoming reviews. She even got her own seat

Paid price: bought in a shop in Hong Kong around 270-300 HKD, which is 28 euro. Quite funny story, before a certain episode in the anime, there were loads of them unsold. Afterwards the figure went almost reaching 400 HKD. Lucky I like to browse a lot in the different figure shops. 

Recommended? The maskise kurise is a fine figure. But if you really want to go into the FIGMA line, I would suggest to go look for your favorite anime character. It is worth your money. AND it comes with a stand. I almost want to say it is the bargain of the century.

 PS: been quite busy with setting up my webshop, please bear with me (0w0)~

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