Monday, 23 April 2012

SWAT team! Go go go!

As I was looking for a time to to my first blogpost after the long pause. The timing has to be right. Just today it is the release of the second PV (promo video) of the newest OVA (original video animation) of UC Gundam.

How about a review?I bought recently a UC High Grade 1/144 Jesta. As it has appeared in the fourth installment of the UC Gundam OVA serie. (  Primarily chosen for its robust looks and it looks like it almost taken inspiration of SWAT. I mean just look at. It is manly and beautiful designed. But what is gunpla? Simply said it is a gundam + plastic kit. It is a model kit from a serie called Gundam. Using plastic injection molding, you have pratically the same kits as those car, train or tanks set. But with better more engineering and parts, the model itself has advanced posability and playability which almost rivales the action figure counterparts.

Before I do anything related, I consider to explain how my review page works. The review will be divided into three parts; Thoughts, Paid price and Recommended? Every part speaks for itself. Shall we?


Finished gunpla

Finished gunpla

Thoughts: At first thought it looks less buff then lineart from above. Nonetheless it was a solid kit and rather simple to build. Small amount of panel lining was needed for it. All I have done was repainting the dark blue parts with a Midnight Blue color and grey parts with Gunmetal grey. So far so good the new inplemented engineering including the waist ball point and extra parts for the leg to increase leg posability, prove my point that the newer kits are rivaling the action figures. After the assembling the kit doens't feel stiff, it is very posable and solid. Extra hands were given 2 open hands, 2 closed fists, 2 beam saber holding hands and 1 gun holding hands. Awesomely good from Bandai to give that much hand accessories. It has also 2 clear pink beam parts, the funny thing is that Jesta only has 1 beam saber holder. And there is also a whole range of decals included with different emblems. I am considering to buy 2 more just to complete the black 3 stars in OVA4 of UC Gundam.

Paid price: 27,50 euro (bought in a shop)

Recommended?: Yes 100% Yes. It is a simple built. Yet its cool and robust feel makes it a great add-on in any room. Even I think the paid price is justified. (mostly the prices here are just rip off), because the kit has a lot to offer. It looks great next to anything, even next to a Tom Clancy famous books.

PS: This is my first weekly post. I hope I can updated to post something every week.

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