Friday, 27 May 2011

Saikin ne ,,,

Lately I haven't been around ... which miracolously surprised. Because of the little free left for myself I totally forgot to update my blog. I even thought about giving up on my blog. But those are words of a quitter which I will try not think about it.

Need to recheck the last date of update. It was dated almost a week ago. Can't say I did a good job with updating here. Well let's resume to some recent happenings. The office pack is finally installed on my computer. It is even 2010 version, not saying it is any better. Aside that is the chinese version which I couldn't read. lol But it just prefer the 2003 version, too much hassle in the 2010 one.

Two days ago I had taken a day off ... I did wanted to do something more usefull but in the end I just catch some Zzzzzzzz. It was a long afternoon nap. However I needed it because the day before I went to play badminton (again in Wong Tai Sin). But it was 3 hours straight after each other. It felt nice and my physical and mental are catching up to the level I wanted. Now it is the real time improve and learn skills. Here are some youngsters in a double match.

Tomorrow there will be another roadshow for Logitech/Wacom/Sandisk. It may sound big but actually it is just a small one for the school. The purpose of the roadshow is just a prepared stand for selling and displaying products. The target group is the teachers.  However the managers and my senior are skeptic about the sellings figures, it may not be what they are anticipating. There will be only me, one of the sales and my marketing colleague. I hope I post more about tomorrow.

Have I mention that I have twitter ... at least some of you know about this;


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