Thursday, 19 May 2011

@30 Day Song Challenge

That is hell of fun challenge, at least at Facebook. Loads of memories coming back when searching for that right song in your mind. But let´s continue with the blog, shall we?

Oh dear loads of pictures and stories are waiting. Let's take them head on. Mhhh I should have this attitude towards my overdue assignements. Nevermind.

Let's start with work. I dont really remember which day it is (shame on me). But one thing I am sure of. It is BEFORE mother's day because next blogpost will be about mother's day. I had to do the prep work for Logitech Roadshow; readying the sample units, complete stationery set, provinding promotion material and other props etc.

In the van in the backseat - well backseat is kind of exaggerated, I was sitting on a wooden bench at the side - with NO safety belts which was absurdly dangerous, my head almost went banging against that steel frame.
Then I remember I was in Hong Kong which such thing was a normal way.

In the elevator bring with the huge foamboard

 Preparation all done and now the promoter and sales are doing their job at the stand. Let's cracking and sell those Logitech stuff, lads. And yes everything you see here, was prepared by me. Including the last time with Sandisk.
Ready to take the bus back to office

Cheap lunch at Sham Sui Po, vermicelli with a drink for about 3 Euro ... If I am not mistaken it is still 10,5 HKD =1 Euro

After work ... I could be mixing some photos here, some are from dates. Nevermind that, as long as it fits into the story. The day was hot reaching 32 degrees, tropical climate with NO humidity. 

Mong Kok till now I still need to take a picture otherwise I would get lost ... ><

In's Point my new favorite centre for my needs

 This is the so called Light Bus, the purpose of such bus is different from the one you see above. It has a starting and ending point and the lifters (customers actually because they pay for it) tell the driver where they want to stop. Instead of what we know, as long as you don't say anything during the ride, the driver will just take you to the ending point. Safety feature is again NONE. Only comforts you have, are air ventilation and seat covered with plastic cover. And that bus goes to 75km/h. Hell if it crashes at that speed, wearing no seatbelts means suicide for sure. Again this is Hong Kong .... lol =)

At home this was waiting for me, unpleasant job to do

See ya all tomorrow ... then it will all about food


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