Tuesday, 17 May 2011

A week ago ...

Well that is quick ... it is already a week ago I had blogged. I will post what the pictures tell me. Because lately I have been busy looking for product information and preparing Sandisk gifts for end users. Boring and tiring job but it must be done.
Bags full with dust blowers for camera.

 Last week with the colleagues we went to Mah On San for the marketing senior birthday. It was a nice weather for BBQ.

 Somewhere Sha Tin taking the bus

 That is how we spent our evening beside BBQ ... playing cards
Delicious piggy ... 

 Nice view

During the trip to Mah On San we saw some weird cat statues. Pretty cute, isn't it?

Damn tall buildings are tall ....everywhere

Bus stop ...
 Lunch before BBQ
 Honey some flower tea ... it was good enough for the thirst.
 Starting point



  1. Dat varkentje heeft ook zijn beste dag gehad zo te zien ;-)
    Wast lekker? :P

  2. Verrukkelijk maar het had ongeveer een 7 a 8 geduurd om het te roosteren. Nou ja het ligt waarschijnlijk aan mijn collega, hij wou het rustig aan doen. Maar de BBQ was wel lekker. :)