Sunday, 6 March 2011

Yesterday ... lah lah

Still have some photos left from yesterday, Friday. I tried out a vietnamese lunch.

Today Saturday I went to buy my new toys a freshnew LG Lollipop cellphone with light magic everywhere and an Olympus camera. Handy , don't have to upload photos through Bluetooth each time, because it is painfully slow. >_>

And I went hanging out around to get to know Yuen Long better. Amazingly the place are full with these cars. Some people do have a nice taste here.

Afterwards look what I have found ..... Yes a badminton court. Yeiii ~ ''Helaas pindakaas'' I need pick up my newly stringed rackets tomorrow at the shop. However I do found out that you can play all the week in the sportcentre. But you need to approach the players to join otherwise you will playing on your own.

Feeling hungry in the evening .. I had diner with my aunt and uncle for a delicious Sirloin Steak. How Tsjeng lar!!!

Tomorrow I will go to a gathering for playing badminton ... expect for some reporting!


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