Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Sulkin' in

Being tired after I haven't got any time to update my blog. Solly~
Today luckily I have some time on hands.

Monday I got lunch treated by a colleagu. Hoo nice :3

Had a diner by myself, enjoyed it for just 85 HKD

For those who are interested, I had a chance to go to a badminton gathering. Most players were senior, but they do play in a district team. Great level and afterwards the youngsters have arrived. According to the ex-trainer they train a couple times in a week. They all just look around 15 a 16 years. But they jumpsmashs at least 30cm from the ground

Playing court

Available shuttles to play: Victor Champion No.2

Some videos I recorded during the evening

Tomorrow I will try my best to get the blog updated.


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