Friday, 11 March 2011

Walkin' in the outside

Yet again yesterday I didnt have the time to post on my blog. Been skyping with my cousin about Nicodouga. Interested things aside. Yesterday I had the chance to go to the retailershop. It was at harbour city in Tsim Sha Tsui. Very nice as always ... Queen Elizabeth was docked there.

Today it was work as usual. Looking for products photos and specifications research. Had a nice lunch, looks quite fine dining and a very cute waitress who was around 16~18 years old. Havent taken a picture which I should have done ... No worries there are enough occasions for that.

After lunch there were several things happened. While I was working I was also twitting with someone who lives in Tokyo, Japan. Suddenly she posted there was an earthquake happening. A few minutes later there were news published on CNN and It was all serious horrifying.

After that there was a shutdown in our office. But it was more like a MSN shutdown. We still got internet and such. Only the MSN messenger couldnt be logged into. We all thought it was due to the earthquake. Naive people here ... including myself :P

A nice colleague treated the whole office for after lunch .... Delicious way to end the day, perhaps I will also do such thing in the future. Anyway it is Friday ... I think I will go to an arcade and practice on Initial D Arcade Stage 5.



  1. Dat eten ziet er daar altijd wel goed uit! Maar ik krijg daar honger van... :-)

  2. Ja tijdens lunch gaan we altijd naar een winkelcentrum daar te gaan eten. Er zijn Vietnamese, Thaise, Japanse en Koreaanse restaurants. Het beste van allemaal is dat een menu maximaal 3,5 euro kost. :p