Saturday, 12 March 2011

the nerves are getting me ....

It was shocking what has happened in Japan. A pray for the safety of all Japan. Personally I have a couple contacts in Japan. Luckily all of them are okay. Honestly it scared me more when I saw on the news instead of reading it on Twitter. Today I spent again some time in the arcade. Got this pretty card to play Initial D Arcade Stage 5 ... quite cheap, with 1 euro I can play 5 times :3

Found a nice car on Yuen Long streets ...

Tonight I went again to the Fung Kam Street Sports Centre to watch some people. 
Again I got lucky to see people at district level (divisie bij ons). Got some videos again. 

Tomorrow going to Mong Kok for some strolling and hopefully getting another chance for a badminton gathering in Wong Tai Sin. 


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