Monday, 14 March 2011

busy Mongkok

*Solly lar ... this should have been posted yesterday. But I have drink with a couple cousins. Drunken and wasted I couldnt complete the blogpost. So I am doing it right now during office time*

Today I went to Mongkok for some strolling and hanging out. There was a lot to see on the streets.

Mongkok at noon

Some models girls for free photoshots, that is really a marketing brilliance. :3

Some street dancers

Yonex Voltric .... looks nice :p

Mini mahjong set for 98 HKD ... anyone interested?

CTMA centre, a wonder place for figures

Before leaving Mongkok. A last photoshot. Mongkok at evening if you may have noticed ... it is pretty much the same as the one at noon.


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