Friday, 4 March 2011

''Working at the office as always'' day

Need some catching to do which I didnt mean the catching up about work but rather my blog. :3
Yesterday was work as usual. Loads of magazines to read and tablet sleeves to review. Afterwards I need to select pictures for the review, in total there were about 65 photos.

Delicious lunch in a typical lunch restaurant;... an egg beef rice something. Yeah, sounds about right. It comes with a soup and a drink, in total just 33 HKD.

For first time I happen to be in an ''free grabbing sample time''. Let me elaborate, the office got samples delivered. As workers I can one for home. And this was all what is left ... exactly NOTHING was left, except for some mouses and webcams.

I did my best to get one. Tarara Dadaa a wireless headset. Thank you, Good Century!!!

My ride to home .....They see me rolling, they hatin' :3


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