Wednesday, 2 March 2011

They see me strollin' ....

Today's meeting was interesting. Learned at lot how products get sold by soft sales and psychological effects of the human mind. After that I got a chance to take pictures for the new tablets sleeves in preparation for the promotion. Enough to keep me busy after lunch ... :P
After work I went to Mong Kok to meet up my cousin.

Because I arrived too early there. I went to an arcade to play but mistakenly I exchange HKD 10 for tokens instead changes. Therefor I couldnt play arcade. My only choice were coin slots. After throwing in some coins ... this happens :3

Unbelievable the coins felt out like snow ... I have no idea what happened. Inevitable this is the result.

Nothing I can do about it. It was already time for some shopping and diner. Still I had walk around with that bag ''money''. Taiwanese diner came to my mind. Here is a picture of mixed meat rice pot, not exactly the right name but that is all I could remember. And of course a delicious lychee juice to drink.

After diner there was still time left for some strolling in Mong Kok. Remember it was around 20.30 in the evening.


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