Tuesday, 1 March 2011

(Iphone 4)^4 everywhere ...

Rarely I wake up so early. It was nice to take my time to eat breakfast and take a shower. With a great mood I depart for work ... Arriving at the subway then it seems I entered into a world where everyone has an Iphone 4. Yes, only 4. At every eyesight there is an (Iphone4)^4. Madness madness Iphone madness ... sadly my love reserved for HTC.

Here I just randomly took a photo. Right here, there are already 2 Iphone 4 spotted.

and this is what you get arriving TOO early at work ... the door is closed 

Lunchtime ... went to dim sum with the team. 

 Here are some photos to give you an impression how Hong Kong looks like.

The grey building is where I work. For eagle eye viewers, the office is at the 32th floor.

After work ... does someone fancy some ''broodje pinda''? :3

 Nothing much to tell about work. Although I got a chance to work on designing a webshop. Tomorrow I am going to have my first meeting .... exciting lah



  1. lol, de Kahang te vroeg op het werk, da is gewoon onmogelijk!

    het weer is daar wel beter precies... en nog ni te druk op de straat, in tegenstelling tot wa ik zou verwachten van HK

    veel plezier met uw webshop, dat lijkt me wel cool!

    en ahja i.v.m. dat broodje pinda, no thx :P

  2. Hi bro,

    Het ziet er goed uit, doe je best. KAMATEE!!!

    Wanneer is het eind resultaat klaar en kunnen we het bewonderen?

    Kyan is missing laai sok very much.


    Ph, Ky, Km