Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Tseung Kwan O small report

Monday post

Late as ever but here goes. Note: this night happened at last Thursday. At East Point City in Tseung Kwan O, HKEC had offered our company a place for setting up a roadshow. That night starting from 19.00, we departed from Tsuen Wan West to Tseung Kwan O in a van with all the roadshow material prepared a few days ago. We arrived about 20.30, setting up the stage was done before 23.30. But counting the goods was hell of a work. We got pallets of Targus, Case Logic,  several toys, TV's and electric fans. To be honest I had enough when the clock reached midnight. I was tired, soaked in sweat and my T shirt was smelly. But it was fine because we weren't the last group to finish that night. There were also LG, Miele, Samsung, some fridge and A/C companies. It seems those fellows were working through the night. Luckily we were finished with counting aound 1.30. I got a taxi called and went on my own. Finally at 2.30 I was home. Last Friday was a day off in Hong Kong. Friday I happened to promise to go on a Shenzen trip which you will read in my next blogpost.

Pictures provided as always

There is something scary about an empty office ... Brrrrrrr

 Arriving at Tseung Kwan O ... our host HKEC

 Setting up work

How our stand looks like .. Impressive, isnt it~

The counting work .... the amount of goods

The lonely ride to home ... FINALLY

Lol ... Engrish spotted, WIP for a urinoir, it must be a masterpiece when it is stated it is a WIP. it looks like they won´t rush their work and finished asap.


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