Thursday, 28 April 2011

Shenzen trip

Friday post

Yes the day is correct. It was warm and hot yet there is a nice breeze around. This time it is a trio to Shenzen. Meaning outside of Hong Kong border. It was a big fuss because I don't regurarly go to China Mainland. First we took a bus from Yuen Long Centre to Lok Ma Chau. Then we have go through a custom for leaving Hong Kong and entering China Mainland. Friday was also a day off for everyone so it was much busier then usual. The atmosphere is much different then in Hong Kong. First thing to notice the language that most of the people you hear talking is Mandarin. Afterwards we went to window shopping in huge house interior stuff - to be honest most of them are overpriced and cheap looking stuff. Like there were whisky glass for a price of 30 euro which was claimed to be made in Italy. Yeah right ... >_> There were shops with huge Ming vaes, ivory decorations - wasn't it supposed to be prohibited? - At least the diner was pretty good in ''Little Sheep'' and yes most of the meat are from the ''meh meh'' which I don't have any remorse for it. In the evening we went to do shopping for less expensive DVD and CD. I think you got the picture what I meant with ''less expensive''.

Departing pictures

Shopping centre for house interior

The infamous ivory decorations

Several pictures how Shenzen look like 

HUGE fishy ... not eatable I presume

And lastly the little sheep ... meh meh

Cheels ~~~

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