Monday, 28 March 2011

Taking pictures ... Aah my back

Yeah today starting from the very first hour I was just taking for box full of bags, slipcases, bags and bags. And all in different angles and aspects. It is like photograph excercise in Lesson 010. I had to use foamboards for white background. Learned the importance of white balance and light angles. Afterwards I still need to resize them for website purposes. I should have it done in 1 day. But I didnt ... Shame on me. Dont forget there is a total amount of 200 pictures to resize, rename and relocate in folders. 

Then I had to finish calling customers ... still weird to talk in ''decent polite'' Cantonese. I still had to have the script in front of me. lol *I will take a picture of the script tomorrow*

Coming days will be prep days for a roadshow for Sandisk. Thursday I will need to head out to the shops. That is good news because I wear casual instead of office clothing. And Sunday I have to work alone in a stand with another promoter. Expect a report about this on Sunday evening.

Some pictures of the surroundings where I work


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