Saturday, 26 March 2011

Lazy Saturday

No badminton for tomorrow .. No need to be sporty this weekend. It is kind of justified to be lazy.
Today I only went to Mong Kok to pick up ordered goods. Still there were a lot of things to see.

First there was a HTC promotion bus. Inside there were HTC phones introduced including the new Incredible S which I am very fond of. Of course there were also HTC promotion girls but I was more affected to the phones LOL.

Some people in diguise of Kamen Rider  to collect donations for Japan.

Back in Yuen Long there was a ''concert'' with a singer I dont know of ... but quite lot of people went to take pictures with him.

Mong Kok by night ...

Later at home, there was cantonese dubbed of Spiderman 3. Funny to hear Tobey scream in cantonese. Tomorrow again ironing shirts ...



  1. whaaaah!! it's jason chan 陳柏宇!!! :p

    Ik zou ook een foto wille!!! xD

    A Bie

  2. Heh Hoe heb je hem kunnen herkennen? Ik vind van mezelf dat ik de foto slecht gemaakt heb. Hij heeft een show gegeven in Saan Yuen Long Centre, er was toch wel rij van fangirls. Toen ik aankwam, was het al afgelopen. :S

  3. haha!!

    omdat ik stiekem ook een klein fangirl ben e ;)


    go go jason!!


  4. Ik dacht dat alleen LAM FUNNGG AAH was ... lol