Monday, 21 March 2011

Mug is nowhere to be found

Today was just stuck at my own place ... downloading stuff for the company and playing games on facebook. That's about what I did. Luckily I finished everything before the end of the day. Good job as I said to myself.

After today's diner at my aunt's place I usually walk to home which take about 20 minutes and go past Fung Kam Street Sports Centre. I take a peek inside if there are badminton players. Surprisingly almost every day there are people playing. Tomorrow I can play again... Yeeeii, yet again in Wong Tai Sin.

I am uploading the photos for Friday/Saturday post.

PS: Got more daily pictures to share ....

First to go ...delicious lunch cheese rice meat something 

Looking for a ride to go home :3

''Liquid milk'' as opposed to what ......... ''solid milk'' ???? lol


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