Friday, 18 March 2011

Exciting Friday

Today there are Roadshows planned in Sham Sui Po and Mong Kok. Thursday we did the preparation work by making small desks, packing stuff, printing leaflets etc. Early this morning with a van we moved the Logitech stuff to Sham Sui Po. We only did the dropping off.

This is how stand for Logitech looks like

Next is Mong Kok there we had to build a huge stand for Wacom.

All went well ... I even got the drawn by 2 different artists by using Wacom products. Funny thing because I have seen anyone used, at least not in The Netherlands. So I am quite satisfied with the results.

This is one of the artist ... to be honest she is quite cute, much like Japanese cute.

It is Friday ... my god the time really flies. It's time again to dive into another arcade hall. :3 But Sunday I need to be in Tai Chi for cleaning the stand.


Pictures will be uploaded asap ... well as soon as I get home :D

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