Wednesday, 4 May 2011

When sleep enrages

Not much sleep was occured yesterday because of the late badminton session. I was about midnight home. Waited a couple downloads to finish. Afterwards watching them of course. I went to sleep around 3.30 which was a horrible mistake. Luckily I did get up at 8.30 and left 8.45 to work. But honestly I was gawning from home to office and felt asleep a couple times. Embarassing ... I will try tomorrow not to do same again. I told myself many times last week. Now I know for sure I need at least 7 hours of sleep to be productive. Today was busy as always. Product research and reporting need to be done for 3 brands; Logitech, Targus and Case Logic. And mostly there were in Chinese. Google Translate to the rescue. Bunch of magazines was also waiting for me. Tomorrow I will do my best to upload as much photos as I can.

Last but not least ... monthly progress report and internship report are still over due for about 2 weeks. Yikes


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