Sunday, 17 April 2011

Sunday night

The main point of my weekend was resting. Next week will be very busy and also relaxing. I will definitely post more next week, of course accompanied with several pictures.

Now it is already Sunday, I haven't done much lately except for going Mong Kok yesterday. I still need to remind myself to upload Cheung Wan pictures... ;3

Magician who also appeared on TVB ; Mister Banana

 Girl as promotion material .. Nice idea.

Yes I was in Mong Kok ... :p

Forgotten to upload office pictures.

Delicious vermicelli noodles

It is getting here in Hong Kong, reaching temperature of nearly 30 degrees

My first order in the office 

 Another food pictures.


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  1. bijna 30 graden ginder... hier niet veel verschil ze!
    25 graden at the moment hier in het zonnige België :-)