Monday, 11 April 2011


Let's see ... I did promised to post about Cheng Wan trip. I will some days after tomorrow. At work finally finished the last thing of Logitech information gathering; mouse, headset, keyboard, speakers.You name it, I know it. Then again you remember the box full of Targus bags. Finished already. Then I got 2 new list of Case Logic and Targus to start with ... That is tomorrow work. :3

Now I will post some random stuff of the daily routine of the weekend. :3... Yes almost 2 days too late. Nvm ..
Had eaten loads of delicious food in the last days~

Daily walk to the light rail in Saan Yuen Long Centre

Yes ... playing Yu Gi Oh means you are awesome and popular in Hong Kong. They play much faster and less bullshit (like I draw a card), the game went with minimal talk and much small movements. For those who know Yu Gi Oh, they use a calculator for keeping the record of the Life Points.

I still need to think how I upload those Cheung Chau trip pictures. Perhaps I will link here from facebook. Anyhow here are some preview pictures

 Have you ever wondered why it said that all Chinese look the same??? Because of the goddamn child who made this picture of an ordinary Chinese wo/men. Who approved this? 


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