Thursday, 7 April 2011

Got lost of the days and time...Yikes

Note: fatigue and laziness are catching up to me. Soo I won't be able post each day. Although I will do my best to post on my blog once in 2 days. 

Days really fly by if there are lots of work to do in office. Tons of searching, collecting and reporting product information from different high end computer related products from Logitech, Targus, Sandisk, Case Logic and back. There are more but there are the main ones. Even today I have working on collecting information for a whole day. Luckily it feels good to be able to finish assignements in time. Probably that is what they called satisfactory.

Yesterday was much better ... I had to bring cameras - which we had used on Sandisk roadshow - back to an employee in Sandisk Hong Kong HQ. It was much far away then our office, even in a different city (Hong Kong Island). Our office (Tsuen Wan West) is located in New Territories. I spent nearly 3 hours just to get there. Anyways The Sandisk HQ was located in Quarry Bay, where I have never been before.

Tai Koo subway exit

The ''one east island'' thing building. The interior is very high class. The elevator are on call. Meaning it only goes to the floor you want and doens't stop on the way. Comparing to our office is small time. :o

  You see the 23th floor? There is where I needed to go .. just to deliver some cameras. LoL

Last picture is a small angle of the business centre.


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  1. alle.. ik check uw blog wel ELKE dag e :(

    doet dat goe ken san!


    A Bie