Thursday, 31 March 2011

Out of office DAY 1

Lol it is almost like watching a movie prequel. Nevermind that. After packing and setting up for the last equipment for this weekend Sandisk roadshow. It was time to depart for Wan Chai for fitting AD&PR material. As usual it was damn busy in the noon (Yes it was almost a hour bus ride from Tsuen Wan West <Office> to Wan Chai). Most shopkeepers said to come back laters because they were busy with customers. I was a bit day dreaming soo I haven't taken any pictures.. Sorry :(

The best thing that happened today, we were quickly finished with fitting work and could go home earlier. For very first time I was at home by 17.00

I did take a couple scenery pictures of Wan Chai.

In the evening I went to the Hong Kong Airport Chek Lap Kok because my aunt and uncle are departing to Belgium.


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